Over Fifty Years of Service to the Piedmont Community

Since  its incorporation on May 21, 1964, the Piedmont Beautification  Foundation has contributed wholly or partially to the completion of the  following projects, pursuing its goal of improving and maintaining the  properties of the City of Piedmont.

City Hall and Civic Center

2014 -16  Piedmont City Hall Renovation Project, including  PBF/PHS City Hall Monitor

2004-06  Replica of historic Piedmont Park Faux Bois Bench  installed in City Hall Plaza

1988-90  Civic Center Landscape Project Completion 

1986-88 City Hall Benches and Fountain 

1986-88 City Hall and Veteran’s  Building Landscape Maintenance

1984-86 Civic  Center Landscaping Project initiated

1984-86 Civic Center Landscaping Project, Phases I and II 

1972-74 City Hall Flower Beds

1966-68 New  Stairs and Entrance to Pool Area of Recreation Center 



2006-08 Major donation to Exedra Plaza  Phase III Project (path to overlook and overlook)

2004-06  Repair to  Exedra Plaza tiles

2002-04 Exedra Plaza completed

2002-04 Exedra Plaza Donor Plaques and stairway lighting  installed

2000-02 Exedra Plaza design initiated and campaign begins, including  Matthew and Marianne Lempres Memorial Fountain

1984-86 Exedra Lighting

1982-84 Exedra Iron Gates  Restoration

1982-84 William  Marks Memorial Exedra Planting

1980-82 Exedra structural and  decorative repair and restoration by Manuel Palos

McGee Overlook

2008-10  Dedication of Magee Overlook and Piedmont Centennial Grove with  commemorative plaques

2008-10  Moonlighting of oaks at Overlook in memory of  Frances Bishopric

2006-08 Funding of Magee Overlook

Piedmont Park and Community Hall

2018 planting of Dogwoods around the entrance of the Community Hall in honor of Nancy Hodgekinson  

2008-10  Installation of Highland Way Bus Shelter garden

2000-02 Wildwood Avenue Entrance to Piedmont Park  planting

1996-98 Signage and plaque for Native Plant Demonstration Garden

1996-98 Community Hall Kitchen Renovation

1994-96 California Native Plant Demonstration Garden near Community Hall

1992-94 Piedmont Park Oak Trees and Ferns

1992-94 Community Hall landscaping

1990-92 Community Hall Window Treatments, Consoles and Mirrors

1990-92 State Urban  Stream Renewal Grant to restore Piedmont Springs Creek (historically,  Bushy Dell Creek)

1990-92 Catherine M. Witter Memorial Magnolia at Community Hall circle

1990-92 Main Park Tot Lot 

1990-92 Main Park Irrigation

1988-90 Highland Bus Shelter (near Mountain Avenue) and Piedmont Park Entrance Landscaping

1986-88 Main Park Renovation Initiated

1982-84 Frank Adams Memorial Community Center Planter  

1980-82 Major tree pruning  in Main Park

1980-82 Cherry Walk irrigation 

1980-82 New  path from Tea House to Community Hall Plaza

1976-78 Herbert I. Dunn Memorial Extension of Cherry Walk to Highland  Avenue 

1974-76 Community Hall Renovation

1974-76 Community Hall Kitchen Renovation

1972-74 Community Hall Canopies

1970-72  Cherry Walk in Piedmont Park Landscaping

1968-70 Community Center and Cherry Walk Exterior Lighting Design and  Installation 

1968-70 Cherry Walk Memorial Plaque 

1968-70 Community  Center plantings

1966-68 Community Center Circular Bed and Steps,  design and planting 

1966-68 Mrs. Paul St. Sure Memorial Piedmont Park Cherry  Walk Sundial  2018 planting of Dogwoods around the entrance of the Community Hall in honor of Nancy Hodgekinson  2018 planting of Dogwoods around the entrance of the Community Hall in honor of Nancy Hodgekinson 

Tea House and Street & Triangles


Tea House

2010-12  Total Restoration of Japanese Tea House

2010-12  Complete funding of design  and construction of new Jean Brown Wolfe deck and garden for the  Japanese Tea House

2010-12  Moonlighting of Tea House Oak tree

1978-80  Tea House Garden and Dry Pond

1976-78 Tea House area and redwood  deck

1974-76 Tea House  donated to City by School Board

1974-76 Tea House area design 


Triangles and streets

2014 - 16  Dedicated funds to the Linda/Kingston  Triangle Project

2012-14  Construction of  Ramona/Ronada traffic triangle

2012-14  Lower Grand Avenue Lantern and Garden Lighting

1998-2000 construction of Mountain/Highland traffic triangle

1990-92 Alice Eubanks Memorial Triangle Garden

1988-90  Ralph Marinelly Memorial Garden at  Jerome Triangle

1988-90  Fairview, Grand and San Carlos Medians Landscaping

1996-98 Highland (near Guilford) bus shelter re-landscaping

1990-92 Mardie Kimbal Memorial Rhododendron Garden near Guilford Road

1982-84 Civic Center Landscaping Project Design  

1976-78 Cemetery Wall along Moraga Avenue Planting, Irrigation, Drainage (ongoing – 10 years)

1976-78 Irene  R. Henshaw Memorial Highland/Sheridan Triangle

1974-76 Highland Avenue Bus Shelter (near Guilford) construction as Irene  Henshaw Memorial

1974-76 Cemetery Wall  planting plan

1972-74 Blue  Vase Triangle Planting

1972-74 Chestnut Trees planted on Highland Avenue

1966-68 Piedmont Court Circle Renovation

Crocker Park and Schools

 Crocker Park 

2008-10  Bufano bear sculpture repair and  lighting in Crocker Park

2006-08 Crocker Park replanting

2000-02 Crocker Park plantings, benches and  restoration of Bufano bear sculpture

1996-98 Crocker Park Wrought Iron Benches

1980-82 Marie Veitch Memorial Stone Base for Bufano bear  sculpture

1980-82 Crocker Park Bench Repair

1978-80  Bufano “Bear With Nursing Cubs” dedicated in Crocker  Park

1974-76 Crocker Park landscaping  

1972-74 Re-Landscaping of Crocker Park, Phases I and II

Dracena Park and Linda Park

Dracena Park

2012-14   Dracena Park Bridge restoration

2008-10  Pathway paving in upper Dracena Park

2004-06  Major donation toward Dracena Park Children’s Play Area

2002-04 Campaign for Dracena  Children’s Play Area

1992-94 James Nutting Memorial Bench Landscaping  in Dracena  Park

1978-80  Dracena Park Landscaping

1978-80  First Dracena Tot Lot


Linda Park

1992-94 Linda Park Landscape Design and Path

1972-74 Linda Park Benches

Hall Fenway and Special Projects

Hall Fenway

2006-08 Plantings in Hall Fenway in honor of Frances Bishopric’s hundredth  birthday and in memory of Anne Sutton

1990-92 New Hall Fenway planting and irrigation

1986-88 Carol  Parker Bryan Memorial Garden and Bench at Hall Fenway 

1978-80  Hall Fenway replanting  (due to drought)

1964-66 Susan G.  and Herbert E. Hall Memorial Redesign of Hall Fenway and plaque


Special Projects

2006-08 Piedmont Centennial  Signs Project donation

2004-06  Donation to Piedmont Centennial Historic  Walk

1998-2000 William F.  Kennelly Skate Park

1996-98 Piedmont Historical Photograph Collection, Phase II 

1996-98 Archival Slide Show and Video

1988-90  Constitutional Bicentennial  Rock Wall, Oak Trees and Plaque 

1984-86 Piedmont Historic Photograph  Collection, Phase I 

Other History


 2014 - 16  PHS Eileen Rohmer  Memorial Garden

1998-2000 Wildwood School Parents Landscaping

1988-90 Wildwood Children’s Play Area Benches

1986-88 Beach School Landscape Garden  Project

1980-82 Piedmont High School Landscaping

1978-80  Piedmont High School Landscaping Plan and  Installation

1972-74 Mrs. Mark Noble Memorial Liquidambars at Beach School

1972-74 Havens School  Trees

Tree Lighting

2014 - 16  LED Lights for the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

2006-08 Renovated lights for  Holiday Tree including a treetop star in honor of Piedmont’s 

1984-86 New lights for Holiday Tree Lighting

1968-70 Christmas (Holiday) Tree Greeting Fund Initiated

1968-70 First Community Christmas Tree Lighting (1969) – Holiday  Tree Lighting after 1990


Fundraising History

2018 Sport Fields Maintenance Endowment Fund in honor of Nancy Witter Bates 

2012-14  Shapiro Family Matching Fund Campaign for the PBF Endowment

1998-2000 PBF  Spring Newsletter initiated

1992-94 First PBF Endowment Brochure mailing 

1990-92 PBF Endowment Fund established 

1988-90   Memorial Bench Program initiated 

976-78 Memorial Trees Program initiated 

1974-76 Fourth of  July Raffle initiated