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There are many ways to support the parks and help sustain the natural beauty of Piedmont. 

In the donation form optional notes area, please indicate if you are giving to:

  • The General Fund*
  • The PBF Sports Fields Endowment Fund
  • The PBF Endowment Fund
  • Commemorative Tributes (benches, trees, special projects - see below)

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*The General Fund

THE BEACH TOT LOT - Please help make the dream a reality!

The Beach Playfield is in the final planning stages and PBF wants to make it the best that it can be. The Tot Lot at Beach is one of the most used city recreation facilities and is long overdue for upgrades. 

The all-new nature playscape will take full advantage of the topography of the site, connect to nature, create climbing and play elements that allow for free-form exploration, and provide easy access for strollers and to restrooms. 

Your General Fund dollars will help make this play space a reality for the children of Piedmont.

We've been supporting Piedmont for over 50 years.

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Celebratory Benches and Trees

Make a special place in Piedmont your own for generations to come! Create a family gathering spot, honor a loved one or friend or celebrate a special event: Purchase a bench or tree with Piedmont Beautification Foundation. By planting trees and creating benches around the City for all citizens to enjoy, PBF has worked with the City of Piedmont for more than 50 years to create places of beauty and respite. See options below.

Become a part of the legacy!

Special Tributes

Comemorative Benches

Provide a Teakwood park bench for  placement in a Piedmont park, median,  or play area.  The honoree or donor's  name is carved into the  backrail.
Chair: Patty Reed 

Comemorative Trees

Give a memorial, "in Honor Of", birthday or anniversary tree for  placement in a Piedmont park, median or street.  A presentation map  showing the planting site will accompany a special letter of thanks from  the Foundation's President and Trustees. Chair: Mary Nelson

Memorial Projects and Special Projects

Special Projects may be initiated and named by major donors or by  bequest.  Interested citizens are urged to discuss their ideas with the  Piedmont Beautification President, Trustees and / or Advisors.