Studies have shown that well designed city landscaping has a positive effect on citizens, creating a stronger sense of community and overall better health. Get involved in supporting PBF’s efforts to improve our public and green spaces, and see our community flourish!


Current Campaign:

reforest  Piedmont Neighborhood-by-Neighborhood Project

Recently, the City of Piedmont completed a public tree inventory to catalog the many species of trees that comprise our city’s urban forest. The results from this detailed project identified dozens of trees throughout the City that are either failing or have died because of an increasingly harsher climate. Piedmont Beautification Foundation is embarking on a campaign to support the replacement of these trees with species that are native or culturally compatible to California and more likely to thrive. With help from community gifts and donations, Public Works staff will replace these trees in specific areas through­out the City.


Special Tributes

Make a special place in Piedmont your own for generations to come! Create a family gathering spot, honor a loved one or friend, or celebrate a special event with a beautiful tribute tree or personalized teakwood bench placed in a Piedmont park, median or play area. A tribute bench or tree provides lasting recognition of the significant people or occasions in your life, while creating places of beauty and respite.

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Commemorative Benches

  • General Bench:  $4000
  • Special Project Benches (Bus Stops/Special Development sites) $5000
  • Inscription: hand-carved, one line only, on the front side of the bench. Maximum of 70 characters, including spaces. If you choose a smaller font, may have 90 characters/spaces.
  • Please note that there are limited places for Commemorative Benches in the City of Piedmont at this time. Your request for a specific location will be taken into consideration, but the final decision rests with the Project Manager of the Department of Public Works for the City of Piedmont.
  • Every effort will be made by City Staff for the proper maintenance of benches, but they cannot be guaranteed in perpetuity. The life of a bench is about 20 years. When a bench can no longer be repaired, it will be retired, and possibly replaced with a new bench. Decisions in this regard will be made by the Project Manager. When a bench is retired, if possible, you or your family will be offered the opportunity to participate in the purchase of a replacement.

Commemorative Trees

Tree Size: 24″ Box ($550) or 36″ Box ($1300)

Your request for a specific tree, location, and inscription will be taken into consideration, but the final decision rests with the Project Manager of the Department of Public Works for the City of Piedmont.

The tree comes with a 2”x 4” botanical sign naming the one honored or memorialized.

You can indicate your preferred tree choice and location, as well as the preferred wording for the hanging tree sign, on the Commemorative Tree form.

To mail in your request and check, please download the appropriate form:
Commemorative Benches
Commemorative Trees

Memorial Projects and Special Projects
Special Projects may be initiated and named by major donors or by request. Discuss your ideas with the Piedmont Beautification President, Trustees and/or Advisors, or contact us at

  • PBF has teamed up with the Scouts and PCC to install a new flagpole and American Flag to honor the late Presiding Justice Carl West Anderson for his legacy of volunteerism.
  • Replacement Tree for the traffic circle at Mountain and Bellevue to replace the Giant Sequoia that needed to be removed with a California Native Island Oak.

Endowed funds have a common objective: to provide support not just for one year or even one generation, but in perpetuity. Endowed funds are invested over the long-term and earnings are used to support Piedmont Beautification Foundation work throughout the City.

The PBF Endowment Fund provides a continuing source of support for the organization’s civic projects and the community’s future needs. The Sport Facilities Endowment Fund has been created to support the maintenance of Piedmont’s sports fields and recreational facilities.  For details click here.

We can handle that as well.

Donating Stocks or Securities

If you have questions, please contact the PBF Treasurer at

PBF’s public/private partnership has not only enhanced the beauty of our fair city, but it has also helped support public safety, green infrastructure and native plantings, and maintenance and preservation of our city owned Sport Facilities. Now more than ever, we can appreciate the efforts of those who have come before us with a vision and purpose to so thoughtfully make our town a beautiful place to live. It is with the help of your generous donations that this is possible.”

— Gayle Lambert, Former PBF President