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Projects made possible through your support of PBF exist all around you. Stroll through the Tea House Garden, gaze over the Magee Overlook in Piedmont Park, and experience the tradition of beautiful parks in Piedmont. Enjoy community building events at the renovated Community Hall and Exedra. Relax in one of the beautifully landscaped pocket parks, or watch your children play and explore in the creatively designed tot lots. Appreciate the lushness and safety of the landscaped triangle parklets that were formerly barren and dangerous intersections.

PBF has a long history of supporting citizen efforts to create places of beauty that strengthen our community. Scroll through the projects below, using the category filter buttons, to see what we have accomplished with your support.

Every year PBF considers projects that will provide the highest benefit to our community. If you would like to recommend a project, we invite you to send your comments and suggestions to PBF at, or in care of City Hall.

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City staff and PBF have forged a lasting legacy of public/private partnership over the past fifty years, and have established one of the best park and open space systems in the Bay Area.”
— Nancy Kent, Parks & Project Manager