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Civic Center

Landscaping, Bus Shelters, California Native Plant Garden

From 1966 to the present, PBF has been working with the City of Piedmont to improve the look of central Piedmont.

Central Piedmont: In the center of town, PBF paid for the design of the “downtown” area and installation of landscaping in 2 phases. This also included the memorial triangle planter in front of the Exedra.

Veteran’s Hall: In the late 1980’s, PBF created new landscaping in front of Veteran’s Hall, and in the late 1960’s, added new landscaping for the entrance to the pool, including a new stairway.

Highland Avenue bus shelters and surrounding landscape: PBF paid for the design, installation and landscaping of the bus shelter located on Highland Avenue near Mountain Avenue, as well as the bus shelter on Highland Way near the Piedmont Community Church.

California Native Plant Demonstration Garden: Over the years 1994-96, PBF funded the development of a California Native Plant Demonstration Garden near the Community Hall, and added signage and plaque in 1996-98.

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