• Special Tributes

    Comemorative Benches

    Provide a Teakwood park bench for  placement in a Piedmont park, median,  or play area.  The honoree or donor's  name is carved into the  backrail.
    Chair: Patty Reed   PBF.Piedmont@gmail.com 

    Comemorative Trees

    Give a memorial, "in Honor Of", birthday or anniversary tree for  placement in a Piedmont park, median or street.  A presentation map  showing the planting site will accompany a special letter of thanks from  the Foundation's President and Trustees. Chair: Mary Nelson

    Memorial Projects and Special Projects

    Special Projects may be initiated and named by major donors or by  bequest.  Interested citizens are urged to discuss their ideas with the  Piedmont Beautification President, Trustees and / or Advisors.